Cure a yeast infection – with just yogurt!

Stuff you’ll need:
-organic, sugar-free, plain yogurt cup(s)
-organic, cotton tampon(s) (without applicator)

Place the tampon in the yogurt cup, string-end up (see photo). If your tampon has an applicator, remove it so you’re only working with the cotton portion. Leave the tampon in the yogurt to soak for 10-15 minutes — it should be at least twice it’s original size when you remove it. Insert the tampon into your vagina, as you would normally when getting your period. Leave it in no longer than 8 hours.

Repeat this process until you feel relief and see a normalization in your vaginal discharge, and then continue it for another 24 hours to ensure you’re killing off lingering excess candida. The number of days necessary will depend on the intensity of your infection. Yogurt is pretty benign, and nothing I have researched indicates that one could “overdose” or create an undesirable imbalance by prolonging treatment. I haven’t had a serious infection in years – but these days if I start feeling a lil itchy, I’ll do this and just once overnight is enough. I prefer to approach feminine health as a perpetual awareness and management of one’s flora & fauna, rather than “OH NO I have contracted an infection, I must ERADICATE it and then I can STOP THINKING about my nether-regions.”

If it doesn’t bug you to eat a yogurt cup that’s just had a clean tampon in it, do so. Why waste it? Your body can use that additional acidophilus when consumed orally!

Stop consuming sugar. Just stop. Next time you eat a candy-bar, see how your honeypot feels the next day. Kind of itchy, right?

Stop taking the pill. Now I was on the pill for years and never had this problem — but I have personal acquaintances that suffered for YEARS with chronic yeast infections because of it.

Eliminate white flour & fermented foods from your diet. Here’s a list from wikipedia.

Wear natural fibers, loose-fitting clothes. Or heck, just go naked or without underwear. Air is like the best remedy for everything. Unless you’re on fire.

5 Responses to “Cure a yeast infection – with just yogurt!”

  1. Sophia says:

    You say eliminate fermented food from your det, but yogurt is fermented

  2. shim says:

    i need to known what is the answer to sophia question about fermented food

  3. shim says:

    what pill or you talking about

  4. The Macrobiotic Stoner says:

    @Sophia – quite right, that was poorly written, thank you for the correction. There is a difference between the fermented foods that are helpful in curing a yeast infection and those that will exacerbate the problem. Alcohol, bread, vinegar will worsen the problem, while the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus present in yogurt will fight the Candida. What I should have written was to avoid yeast fermentation.

  5. The Macrobiotic Stoner says:

    @shim – “The pill” I’m referring to is the birth control pill. I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Estrogen encourages the growth of Candida.

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