RU486 (Mifeprex/Mifepristone): Buy the abortion pill from an offshore online pharmacy now, save yourself $500 later

author’s note: this article has generated some informative discussion! The following have all been recommended as reliable websites delivering legit drugs.
Prices and shipping times seem to vary a LOT and are subject to change – please read the comments to learn about others’ experiences with these companies. The websites listed above may be now more reliable than — some commentors have indicated that since I posted this (Nov 2012), reliability has decreased.]

Nope, I’m not even kidding — has totally made my YEAR. The only downside is that I had to wait a MONTH for it to arrive, which had me on tenterhooks. Which is why I’m saying, stock up now, even if you aren’t pregnant, for every modern, empowered lady should have it in her medicine cabinet, for herself or a friend in need. The earlier you take it, the better, for you can achieve success with lower dosages and subsequently lesser side effects (google some mifeprex/misoprostol studies to see what I’m talking about) and the longer you wait, the statistically lower your chances of complete abortion become (which means you’d have to go to a clinic anyway to finish, if you only get it partially).

Doing things the “normal” way, and why I think it sucks
Now, the typical, recommended, approved, tested, documented blahblahblah method of chemical abortion in the United States is this: you go to a clinic, or your ob gyn, explain to them you’re pregnant and you don’t want a baby, and then they administer between 200mg – 600mg Mifeprex to block progesterone and “loosen” the uterine lining, then 800mg Misoprostol 12-72 hrs later to induce the contractions to get things “flowing” as it were. Then they bill you for $500. Or maybe you have to pay it upfront, depending on where you’re going. I have a FEW problems with this process:

1. Cost. WTF.
$500, are you NUTS? I’ve got a mortgage and a kid to take care of. I can only think of about a billion things I would much rather put that money towards. I don’t need financial stress on top of the crappy feeling that I screwed up and accidentally got pregnant. At the particular online pharmacy I bought from they even sell a combo package — you get the SAME thing that they administer at the clinics for $500, for $45. If you’re super broke, skip the Mifeprex, cuz you can even buy TWENTY 200mg Misoprostols for $27 (That’s 5 abortions). Ideally the regimen is started with Mifeprex, but I have managed to successfully terminate with a single Misoprostol when I caught it very early on, I think my period was about a week late at the time. If you’re super-early, one Mifeprex alone might work but it’s a bit riskier, because the thing you ultimately want is for the placenta to detach from the uterine wall, and if you’re more than just a couple weeks along, just blocking progesterone for a few days may not be enough – you need those contractions, which is what the Misoprostol does.

2. Privacy and simplicity, or lack there of.
I can go into a drugstore and take care of a yeast infection without explaining the gory details to anyone, why the heck can’t I do the same if I discover my period is late? I have no problem whatsoever with anyone terminating a pregnancy, but something I totally hate about American culture is either the feigned look of empathetic pity you get from people that have never been through it, or on the more extreme end I have heard of judgmental gynecologists insulting their patients’ lifestyle. Or yet worse, if you’re in a red state, you might not find a place to serve you at all.

3. Time.
I hold a full-time job at a technology firm, take care of my baby daughter, make time for my partner (her daddy), play 3 sports, and pursue my artwork on the side. And occasionally like to have a social life. Why should I have to schedule appointments at a providers convenience instead of just buying what I need over the counter or online? Not to mention, they usually make you wait until you’re 6 weeks along – so you get to be all stressed out about it for a while instead of taking care of it immediately.

4. Dosage.
This is an interesting one. After the time I took just one Misoprostol when a week late, I had come to the conclusion that they REALLY overdo it — that the 800 mg of Misoprostol was responsible for causing contractions so intense you feel like you’re giving BIRTH, and that the same could be accomplished with much less. However this time around, I’m led to believe it’s the Mifeprex + Misoprostol combo in the system that is responsible for vomiting, diarrhea and knee-buckling contractions. Even so, I think they over-prescribe the Mifeprex. One 200 mg Mifeprex is likely to make you a little dizzy, a little nauseous for a few days, but not enough to need to take time off work (for me anyway), and it’s enough to get you bleeding by day 2 or 3. I’ve read “official” recommendations that state 400-600 mg taken all at once. Ugh. I don’t know what that does, but I don’t imagine it’s pleasant.

My Recent Experience
So here’s the whole saga from start to finish. I’m going to mark it by LMP (Last Menstrual Period). So week 4 is when I was expecting my period. Week 5 is when I realized “oh shit, I’m a week late.”

Week 5 – 6
Having clearly miscalculated ovulation due to some post-baby irregularity and neglecting to take my usual herbal precautions due to being busy to an insane degree, I found myself a few days *late.* I got a test from the drugstore, and lo, there appeared the faint line confirming my worries. Crap. For a week I went with neem suppositories and ingesting massive amounts of Cotton Root bark, none of which, did a damn thing. That’s when I started looking around online and reading up on “illegal” pharmacies. I found one forum where commentators discussed online pharmacy ratings (I think stuff like or or something but I can’t remember), One person questioned the low rating of a pharmacy he had bought from numerous times with positive experiences. The discussion meandered into the “why” behind the low ratings, and some suggested that large “legitimate” pharmaceutical companies purposely do this to try to undermine competition from companies selling the same drugs for a fraction of the price. Huh. So I followed one commentators link to, found what I wanted, hesitated, pondered, worried I was going to be the victim of credit card fraud, or that it might not work, and a hundred other unpleasant scenarios, before I finally purchased 1 pill of Mifeprex. Why just one Mifeprex? Well, after one of my chemical abortions under the supervision of an RPA, I had started bleeding on day 3 after taking the initial Mifeprex, but before I had taken the Misoprostol. My hypothesis was that ALL I needed to do was block progesterone, and poof, the pregnancy would be weakened enough to leave my body without inducing contractions. So OK, I was wrong, so for chrissake, don’t do this.

Week 6 – 10
My order was placed, all I had to do was breath deeply and wait. This is easier said than done. Especially when the first trimester is making you tired and hungry but you’re keeping it to yourself instead of beaming and exclaiming to everyone that you’re pregnant while demanding their subway seat, or pork chop, or chocolate cake, etc. This can be lonely and stressful unless you have someone close to share it with. Week 10 – 13
So the Mifeprex finally arrives. Whew. I was able to track it online, but there was about a week delay due to extreme weather conditions affecting the post office. It came in a small padded envelope, there was a postage stamp from Singapore, and nothing on the outside indicating what it actually was. The pills were in a foil blister pack like the image at the beginning of this post. I swallowed it, and around 24 hours later, started to bleed. Hallelujah. However, it didn’t continue. By 48 hours after I had taken it, the bleeding had slowed and then stopped. I got online to see what this means in the context of a miscarriage and found out it’s medical definition is “threatened miscarriage,” that it happens with some frequency, and as long as the fetal heart-rate remains strong and the placenta is intact, the pregnancy will in all likelihood continue. *sigh.* So I did a little more research, because the Mifeprex is expensive, and I was starting to get worried that I had missed the window to terminate with a non-invasive method. I REALLY did not want to go into a clinic and have my insides vacuumed out. I found an inspiring medical abstract that encouraged me to place another order, this time for Misoprostol only – 20 x 200mg pills. Here’s the text below:

Multiple-dose vaginal Misoprostol and single-dose misoprostol plus oxytocin for termination of second-trimester pregnancy.

Zangeneh M, Malek-Khosravi S, Veisi F, Rezavand N, Rezaee M, Rajatee M.
Source: High Risk Pregnancy Research Center, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Imam Reza Hospital, Kermanshah University of Medical Science, Kermanshah, Iran.

To compare 2 different methods-multiple doses of misoprostol and a combination of misoprostol and oxytocin-for termination of pregnancy in the second trimester.

Between 2006 and 2008, 120 women undergoing termination of second-trimester pregnancy in 2 hospitals in Kermanshah, Iran, were enrolled in a randomized trial comparing 2 treatments. In each treatment group, an initial vaginal dose of 600 μg of misoprostol was placed in the posterior fornix. After 6 hours, an intravenous infusion of concentrated oxytocin was given to women in group A, and 400 μg of vaginal misoprostol was given every 6 hours to women group B, up to a maximum of 4 doses. The outcomes were compared via χ(2) and independent t tests.

Within 30 hours, 96.7% of women in group A and 96.7% of women in group B delivered successfully. The average duration between induction and delivery time was 12.3±6.0 hours in group A and 12.1±6.0 hours in group B (P>0.05).

The use of misoprostol with oxytocin, and multiple doses of misoprostol gave similar results for termination of pregnancy in the second trimester.

Copyright © 2012 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
PMID: 22261129 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Week 13
So this time it only took 2 weeks to arrive. From what I read from the forums on offshore pharmacies, is a little more normal than one month. By this time I was starting to gain a little weight and my breasts were getting bigger. This is no fun – I urge you not to wait so long if you’re going to terminate, seriously.

Photo of what I received – labeled, dated blister packs. Regardless of where you order from, I think if it’s not sealed, accurately labeled and stamped with an expiration date, I probably wouldn’t trust it.

The night they arrived I decided I would take 2 pills (200mg each) vaginally before going to bed, instead of 4, as I had done under the supervision of medical professionals previously. Why? I was afraid of the pain and vomiting and diarrhea I had experienced when doing things the proper, clinic-approved way, with Mifeprex followed by 4x 200mg pills of Misoprostol; I thought this unpleasantry could be avoided with a lower dosage. It took about 3 hours before I felt pressure in my lower back, like a heavy period. I began to bleed. The next morning I awoke, was still bleeding, but hadn’t seen any evidence of a fetus or placenta, so I knew I was still pregnant. The bleeding continued, but subsided somewhat throughout the day. So the next night, I decided to do the same, with 3 pills inserted vaginally instead of 2. Again, similar results – after about 3 hours I had some lower back pressure, like a period, also accompanied by some minor chills but nothing crazy. I followed it up with 2 more pills, I’m not sure how many hours later, but I’m assuming around 4 since the chills had subsided and I was presumably past the ‘peak’ amount of medicine in my system. The following day I continued to bleed some, but again, the products of conception were not expelled. So the third night, I decided to do 4 pills. I felt some back pressure, bleeding, and at one point a few chills but nothing too intense. The next morning, I started feeling some very heavy cramping, not unlike labor pains. I breathed heavily and bent forward to ease myself through it. I was in the bathroom standing at the vanity when suddenly my pants became soaked in a clear fluid. My water had broken. I got onto the toilet, and a moment later everything came out – blood, lining, placenta, and a fetus about 4-5 cm long. I fished it out of the toilet to examine it and put it in a glass container. Later on I wrapped it in a flower bloom, said I was sorry, and buried it at the base of one of my plants. This is another reason I recommend not waiting so long to terminate — a well-developed fetus is not really something you want to look at, unless you are super relaxed and emotionally settled about this sort of stuff. Very early on, it’s a tiny blob, but it gets to look more and more like a little person the longer you wait. Nothing in the world could have outweighed my RELIEF that I was not going to have another baby, but all the same, it’s kind of icky, even if you’re a freak like me and totally fascinated by that shit.

Conclusions and recommendations
This experience taught me a few really important things, which I will pass on here. I’d also like to point out that I have no medical certification of any kind, and according to most rational people, have absolutely no business giving out medical advice. Now that that’s out of the way:

1. There DO exist offshore, illegal pharmacies, selling legitimate drugs. How you decide to trust one, well, that’s tricky. I threw caution to the wind and just decided to trust that it would arrive, that I wouldn’t be overcharged or have my identity stolen, that it was the correct drug within it’s expiration date, and that everything would be OK. Is this how all of them operate? I doubt it. All I can recommend is this one particular website I used – privatedrugstore, providing it is owned and operated by the same people that are doing it as I write this. I’ve included a screenshot of the site I bought from below for reference, in case it closes or the domain name gets bought by someone else. screen capture

2. Expect 2-3 weeks for shipping, and longer if extreme weather conditions or other disasters delay the post office.

3. Mifeprex is not necessary at all. In fact, FUCK Mifeprex. Without the Mifeprex, you can rest assured the process will be pretty mild. Mifeprex alone is responsible for a bit of queasiness. Mifeprex & Misoprostol in the body together equals a couple of miserable hours doubled over in pain, vomiting up bile, and chills up and down your whole body even with 5 blankets on top of you. With Misoprostol alone, it’s like a heavy period; the most intense part will be the cramps a few hours or a day after you take the pills, when your cervix starts to open up to let the products of conception pass. This is the not fun part, so be sure not to be at work or school when it happens – do this stuff on a weekend. And if you’re trying to hide this from your parents or whomever, make sure you can get the bathroom to yourself.

4. If you can afford it, order a little more than you think is necessary. Ordering just the Mifeprex and no Misoprostol, in retrospect, was a dumbass thing for me to do. And even with the Misoprostol, maybe because I was goofing around with dosage, or maybe because I was over 12 weeks along, I ended up using 11 pills in total. 4 x 200mg pills following a progesterone-blocker is generally recommended for up to 9 weeks LMP. So there’s a few factors to consider – it’s very hard to say in this case that it was specifically the 4 pills on the last night that resulted in success, OR if it was the multiple attempts across 3 nights that did it. When using herbs (for anything – a cold, a bacterial infection, whatever), slow and steady usually wins the race, e.g., you don’t generally take one dose and BAM, expect results, that’s a more recent phenomenon of modern medicine & technology. In any case, it’s comforting to know there’s extra if your first attempt doesn’t work. I also still have 9 pills in my drawer, for a rainy day.

5. Dosage… If I was to do it all over again, here’s how I would approach the important issue of DOSAGE: 4x 200mg pills vaginally of Misoprostol, each night upon going to bed, until the products of conception are expelled. This is mainly for convenience — if you lead a busy life, night time is probably the only opportunity you have to be prostrate for several hours. I’ve also received the recommendation to do it early in the morning – set your alarm for 5:00 am, insert the pills, and things will get going by the time it’s just getting light out — which can be a much less scary time than the night to try something out when you don’t know precisely what the outcome will be.

6. Open a new email account
to make your order, because once they have your email address, prepare to get SPAMMED with offers from other online pharmacies.

A few words on the whole damn subject
It seems to me that the FDA is making what COULD be an easy, private, inexpensive process, a royal pain in the neck. Why? Maybe to cover their butts from getting sued, in case you aren’t administered enough, and you have to go in for a surgical abortion if it doesn’t work. Either that, or its some Republican conspiracy to make pregnancy termination so incredibly unpleasant that you’re more likely to go through with the pregnancy, because god only knows, what this planet needs is more PEOPLE. I HAVE read that more than one key person has resigned from the FDA over the decision to stall Mifeprex’s over-the-counter availability – because they felt it was for political reasons and NOT grounded in health facts.

I think a common question this raises in most of our minds is “well, SHOULD it be so easy?” For many, the idea of a new life hangs in the balance, and some inner voice suggests it’s immoral for women to repeatedly seek abortions. To a woman that does not want a baby, I think the point of sperm meeting egg, or the point of a zygote implanting in the uterine wall holds little significance. I think many take desperate measures, when simple ones are not available. If there is zero detriment to the health of the woman in question, if it is inexpensive and doesn’t take her out of work — well… is it such a bad thing? I’ve read about Sylphium in ancient Cyrene, that physicians recommended it once a month for “preventing anything from forming, and eliminating anything that might be there.” Granted, ancient times were considerably more brutal than modern civilized ones, but in this one aspect – the lack of public scrutiny and controversy of women’s handling of their fertility, I cannot come up with a logical argument against it.

I know one day I may have to answer these questions for my daughter. And I know that it’s possible that one day, when she is a teenager, she’ll come home to tell me she’s pregnant and not ready to take the step of being a parent. If that happens, I want to be able to offer her an easy, simple, shameless and inexpensive solution. On the other hand, I don’t want to encourage her to go out having lots of unprotected sex, or to ignore holistic preventative birth control and the workings of her cycle because it’s just so easy to pop a pill. I want her to treat her body and temple with care and deliberation, and never to be at war with it, or at the mercy of it’s hormones or maladies, or to believe that it’s something to be controlled only with the help of big pharma.

Another important point of consideration, is the zero benefit + great detriment of unplanned pregnancies on the whole. I have seen instances in my own social circles, where slower child development *appeared* to correlate with mom not knowing that she was pregnant for the first few months. Like every mom, I watch my child’s development with care and concern. Even knowing from the moment her daddy and I decided to try and make a baby, even with taking all the precautions and supplements from the moment i thought she might be in my tummy, and pouring over countless books and forums about what I could do to help her growing little body and brain, I still worry. I still fret over details. I am relieved when I read that she’s on schedule with crawling, babbling, each new tooth that comes in and each new facial expression she gives me. Maybe it’s silly, but everyone with a kid knows what I’m talking about. It’s hard not to judge yourself, when you judge the progress of your little one.

This is not to say slower development is mom’s *fault*. It is the world we live in. Perhaps there was a time when not knowing one was pregnant for the first month or two had little impact on the health of the child eventually born. But these days, what with mass-produced food so lacking in nutritional value that one NEEDS supplements throughout pregnancy, what with lifestyles abounding with fast-food, alcohol and radiation, what with statistical evidence that fasting/dieting during the first critical months creates spikes in birth defects 9 months later, my opinion is that each pregnancy SHOULD be planned and nurtured. This doesn’t even touch on the implications of a social structure that leaves individuals with little to nothing in the way of social protections if they aren’t blessed with the luck of the marketplace. A woman knows when it’s a good time to have a baby, and when it’s not. And this is of greatest consequence to the ultimate health and happiness of our society, and planet.

897 Responses to “RU486 (Mifeprex/Mifepristone): Buy the abortion pill from an offshore online pharmacy now, save yourself $500 later”

  1. Tea-Bag says:

    I completely feel you, Grace. Dinner’s made before significat other comes home. I’m able to keep up with all chores without a problem. I take care of the entire household without any help, and Im doing great. The loss of a pregnancy is always sad, and it really was a hard decision for me to make. But I’m happy that I can take better of my kids, my house, and myself.

  2. LiftingLiza says:

    Looking to purchase misoprostol if anyone has any left over. Ordered some from alldaychem but running out of time please email me at Thank you.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hey Ladies,

    I wonder if any of you have heard of the organization Plan C? (

    Their mission is to educate people on effective at-home abortions using self-administered pills. They don’t sell or distribute pills themselves, but refer women to other organizations or online pharamacies that can help them out.

    They recently put out a call for stories in their latest email newsletter, and I immediately thought of this community. They want to connect with women who “have experience self-managing abortions and are willing to share their story.” You have the option to remain anonymous. I think it’s a great opportunity to spread the word, to talk openly about your experiences, and to possibly help others who might be in the same situation. If you’re interested in contributing, there’s more information here:

  4. Lover023 says:

    Does any one know the success rate of aid access?? It seems legit and everything, the only reason I want to use it over alldaychem is because of the mifiprex.. I can’t find it on alldaychem and I would like to use it along with the miso. If anyone has any extra I would much rather just get a package from someone in the US so that it does not take as long. LET ME KNOW. Email:

  5. LL2311 says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any extra miso so I don’t have to wait for the 2 week wait. And also has anyone else used aid access? I like that they have the mifi, it just makes me feel better. Email: please help!!

  6. Mwalumba says:

    Hi guys miso didnt work for me. Now waiting on Aid Access i got it from ADC i barely bled. Didnt even have cramps. Took it according to instructions. Tried 6 times over the course of 3 weeks. Now waiting on Aid Access because in my case i think the mifepreston sp is needed

  7. Mwalumba says:

    Guys am i the only one who misoprostol disnt work for even after several doses.

  8. Trisha says:

    I have leftover misoprost from when I bought from alldaychem; it worked for me, but I bought more than needed just in case. I don’t think I’ll need it again, and I’d hate for it to just sit around and go bad. If anyone wants to buy, let me know. I have 3 packs, 8 tabs in each pack, 200mcg per tab.

  9. Lpepe says:

    Anyone have any extra I’ll pay
    Email me

  10. Freya says:

    I am currently in a very bad situation and need to purchase some of these pills, i could get some from the websites but i am aware it will take quite a while to receive. So if anyone has any extra pills and is willing to sell and send me some i would be extremely greatful to purchase them from you. Please let me know and email me at

  11. Natalie says:

    Hey Lover023 and LL231

    I’m not sure what you mean by “success rate” but I’d imagine that the success rate of the procedure done at home with pills from AidAccess is the same as in-clinic success rates for medical abortion. So pretty high to very high, depending on how early you are in your pregnancy. I don’t think they’ll send you the pills if you’re further along than 9 weeks, but they might because in my emailed instructions they said “If you’re 10 weeks or further when you receive the pills email us for different instructions.”

    As for success of getting the pills? I’ts very legitimate, the package comes with a prescription signed by a doctor and everything, and goes through customs as a “sample of a personal prescription,” so I can’t imagine you’d have any issues. I was nervous to send all of my personal info to AllDayChemist. Through AidAccess you send money directly to a doctor (whose identity you can verify online) through electronic transfer. My package came in 10 days no problem, and spent 2 or 3 days in customs. You do have to sign for the package and present ID. I had to pick mine up at the post office, and was a little nervous to do so, but it was not a big deal at all. The package is discreet and the clerk didn’t have any questions. It was cheap too, they ask for a donation of about $100 but I didn’t have the money and they basically asked me what I could pay and accepted that. I haven’t done the procedure yet so I can’t yet tell you if my experience was successful.

    I’d definitely recommend ordering from them! They were very helpful and the whole process felt less sketchy than ordering through an online pharmacy. They’re affiliated with Women on Web and Women on Waves, both legitimate companies offering medical abortions to women in countries where abortion is illegal or otherwise difficult to attain. AidAccess is just their US-serving branch.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about my experience purchasing through them, and I’ll update you all with termination experience later in the week.

  12. Niki Marie says:

    If anyone has extra please email me at I have money ready to pay for what you have.. Thank you.

  13. INEEDHELP says:


    I am in the uk, I really really need to get these products, I’ve been looking on the websites above and they either 1) don’t have both 2) don’t deliver to me or 3) are way too expensive and I’m so scared I don’t know what to do, please please help, if anyone has some I will buy if you are willing to ship to uk? Thank you if anyone can

  14. NeedHelp says:

    Please email me if you can help with sending some, I really need help.

  15. Desperate says:

    @Krissy: How can I get in touch with you? Can you provide an email please? I need some. Thank you.

  16. Kiki says:

    @natalie any update on your experience? My package from aidaccess has been in customs for 5 days. I’m 8 weeks today 🙁 getting worried!

  17. Laureen says:

    Hello! I was wondering if AidAccess is a safe site to order from in the USA? My bf and I have been using contraception while I have been taking birthcontrol for a few years now, but miraculously I got pregnant… I am 4 weeks and a couple days along, and we have both agreed that we are cannot financially and nor do we have the mental capacity to bring a child into the world this early in our lives. We can’t afford to go to a clinic to get a doctor’s prescription for the pills, and we are also scared about the legal consequences if we get caught from ordering the pills online. If anyone has ordered from AidAccess in the USA, please let me know if everything went through smoothly!

  18. Kim says:

    Any idea how long after clearing customs a package from AidAccess will take? In southern 🇺🇸

  19. Liz says:

    Hello, I am in desperate need of some misoprostol. My ex betrayed my trust and purposely impregnated me so I would stay with him please help me. If anyone has any extra please email me at thank you.

  20. Mwalumba says:

    Hi ladies i ended up donating to Aid Access and they sent the pills they got to me in 14 days however theres a point it was stuck in customs for about 7 days and shipping to me didnt take too long however by the time my pls got here id already begun to miscarry naturally. Was 11 weeks preggo. I had the worst contractions ever im just so relieved its over. Please go ahead and get help from Aid Access they will assist

  21. Kim says:

    I would like to offer my experience and story with Aidacess as a woman who found herself in a desperate situation.
    I am a married mother of 3. We used condoms and when pulling out my husband realized the condom was not on his penis. He immediately went out to get me plan B. Both of these methods failed. It came time for my period and that time went. I took a test and once I saw it was positive I found myself desperate.
    I began first by calling my insurance company who were happy to inform me that both methods of abortion are covered at 100% on my plan! Hooray me… right? WRONG! The nearest abortion center in my state is 4 hours away and they require pre-pay and insurance to reimburse you. Very impossible as we barely make it now. So, then I call planned parenthood- of course they are going to help me– right? WRONG! They gave me a phone number where I was offered $100 off of the $600 abortion that would again.. need to be paid up front. I called 3 other funding agencies to not have my call returned.
    I began researching online and found a study about buying from offshore rogue pharmacies and the success rates that this mystery shop had indeed had. I believed this to be my only option but was terrified. I didn’t want to have my identity stollen or worse.
    Finally I remembered reading about Women on Web. The relief I felt when seeing they would be sending me meds was very short lived because I received an email within seconds telling me that Women on Web does not help women in the United States… because we have such great access to this HUMAN RIGHT.
    However, they did provide me with the information to Knowing that WOW has been around forever and huge advocates for abortion rights I knew this was where I was getting my medication.

    I completed my medical screening with AA on Oct 5th. My package was shipped from an international location on Oct 10th.
    On Oct 15th my package was received in US customs.
    On Oct 21 it left customs and arrived at my home on Oct 23rd.
    So I would say if you think you need to use AA make your order immediately. The ordering process was challenging because the platform they use to make payments only accepts actual bank cards- you cannot use prepaid cards or PayPal.

    I was suffering from a condition which causes some pregnant women to have “morning sickness” all day- every single day. I had not been able to care for my home or family for about a month at this point.

    I was gauging by my cycle to be about 8 weeks when my package arrived.

    Below is a full account of my experience with the actual medication so far.

    On the morning of 10-24 I took the first medication – the Mifepristone. I had spent my entire time while waiting for my package doing research on the medications including copious amounts of PDF files from actual clinics. In my research I found directions that stated that if you can hold of for 24-48 hours after taking the Mifepristone to take the Misoprostol it would be better so there would be enough time for the fetus to actually fully detach from the uterus.

    On 10-25 I spent the day in bed too afraid to try the Misoprostol. I had at that point been vomiting up anything including water for 3 days unable to keep anything down.

    On 10-26 I spent the day in the ER. I received fluids and told them I believed I was suffering an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage and had been spotting. This enabled me to receive an ultrasound and adequate dating of the pregnancy. I was released from the hospital around 6pm.
    at 9:30 pm with the aid of my husband we -ignoring the initial route suggested by AA (under tongue in case of any emergency so that pills could not be detected) because I had read over in over in many clinical trials that under the tongue increased nausea and vomiting- something I definitely did not need. We chose to insert the Misoprostol vaginaly after dropping 1 drop of clean bottled water onto the tablet.

    11:30pm I felt a familiar pressure of needing to make a bowel movement (familiar to anyone ever experiencing childbirth – this signals time to push and deliver). Believing I needed to actually BM I went to sit on the toilet. At that time I found a golf ball sized clot. I had experienced a miscarriage at 8 weeks previously so I knew that this part would mean a fair amount of blood.

    I hopped into the shower and my husband put on medical gloves. The hot water helped my contractions and back pain. Within a few minutes of getting into the shower I felt small clots being passed. Then I felt my water break. Within a few seconds the gestational sac appeared and right after that the fetus.

    I then went to rest a while and remain distracted catching up on some tv.

    1:30am Pressure again -feeling like bm urge. Went into the bathroom and a large amount- a scary amount of pregnancy tissue passed.

    Throughout the night I passed several clots ranging from quarter to lime sized.

    4:30am I finally was able to rest.

    8:00am Woke up with pretty strong cramps (comparable to a bad period) but ZERO nausea and vomiting!!

    Throughout the day the pain has been manageable with ibuprofen.

    Aidaccess is legit. However it can take up to 20 days!! SO ACT FAST if this is the option you believe to be for you. The pills are supposedly unsafe after 10 weeks (however in the EU medical abortion is preformed with these pills up to 24 weeks – under care of a medical professional – in a clinic setting)

  22. Lpepw says:

    I ordered from AA and ADC but neither has arrived yet , im 7 weeks and 2days and time is running out
    Does anyone have any extra miso they’re willing to donate to me or sell I already have 2 kids I can’t afford another 1

  23. Lpepe says:

    4 miso left for sale $50

  24. Alayna says:

    @Lpepe i’ll buy those miso off you if you still have them

  25. Lpepe says:

    @Alayna if you or anyone wants them email me

  26. Lpepe says:

    Just a short story about how I overdid it 🤦

    Received miso on 11/1/18 started cramping/bleeding about 2 hours after letting 4 tablets dissolve under my tounge
    4 hours later i repeated that process
    Bleeding was heavy but not as heavy as I was expecting ig so i wasn’t sure so I continued taking miso until I had taken like 20 tablets (so unnecessary the first 4 did the job)
    I still wasnt heavily bleeding so I went to the ER and told them that i was pregnant when I woke up i was bleeding (in reality I was about 3 days into the process by then) they ran tests and did an ultrasound and came back to inform me that there was no heartbeat and I was “naturally” miscarrying . Gave me some pain meds, some antibiotics, and another medicine to help things along and sent me on my way
    All in all the process was really easy for me i was about 8 weeks pregnant and the cramps only felt a little stronger than period cramps
    It’s been one week today and im still lightly bleeding nothing major
    So everything was a success
    Would definitely recommend this over paying the clinic $600

  27. TinyLifter says:

    ISO miso possibly just 4. Email me please ;)))
    To all of the powerful women in this thread you are seriously Angels!!!

  28. TinyLifter says:

    3 weeks –
    Ordered from ACD today. Much more than I needed 🤷🏽‍♀️. Will update on shipping and delivery time.

  29. KK says:

    Just a quick update guys. I completed my process the 14 of September. Everything was a success for just four misos. However a fair warning to those looking into this option my HCG levels did not drop for ten weeks! I tested positive for ten weeks following the process. My doctor’s followed my HCG drop and the last time I was tested was Oct 8th when it was at 44hcg levels. That 44 level still didn’t completely disappear for another 6 weeks. So if you are still testing positve for 10-12 weeks out this is normal as long as you aren’t bleeding and there is no stench. You body is just trying to readjust but extremely show in my case 🙄😞

  30. KK says:

    As well ladies I was 11 weeks along so I assume this is why my levels dropped so slow. I’m now back on the depo so I haven’t received a period since and don’t suspect I will as I’ve never had a period on the depo. Your periods won’t come back until your HCG is below 5. I tested yesterday and got a ghost line at 3 minute Mark but it’s basically negative now

  31. freya says:

    If anyone has any extras please email me at i would be so very grateful!!!

  32. Rin says:

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  36. Arile says:

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  39. Jess says:

    Has anyone had difficulties shipping miso in the US like to a friend??

  40. Rin says:

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  46. Erica says:

    I want people to beware. I believe there are scammers on this website. I think I got scammed

  47. EM says:

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