Pre-emptive Common Cold-buster

I whipped this one up recently when my boyfriend came down with the cold I was just getting over, just a couple days before we were heading out of town to visit relatives. He was bummed out that he was going to be sick through the holiday, so I grabbed a few things that I often take in smaller combinations and threw them all together. It worked! He felt better the next day and by the time we had to get on the bus the following day he was right as rain.

Warning: this is going to be a little heavy on your stomach. Take it when you have had a good healthy meal to absorb it. My boyfriend felt a little queasy for a couple hours after taking it. I tried it a few months later when I felt something coming on, and I did feel a little gastrointestinal heaviness for the next hour. I’m told I have a stomach of steel. My boyfriend has a more sensitive stomach which is easily upset. Take the behavior of your gut into account when proceeding.

-1000 mg Vitamin C
-500 mg Propolis

Garlic Immunity Kick:
-2 cloves finely chopped garlic (should equal about 1 tbsp.)
-2-3 drops oregano oil
-1 dropperful of neem oil
-tsp olive oil

1 cup juice of your choice, pure and without sugar/additives. I like undiluted cranberry juice, or apple cider.

Ginger Tea:
-1 tbsp chopped ginger
-1 tbsp honey
-1/2 a lemon, sliced

1. Make the tea: Chop the ginger finely, and make a 1-cup infusion with it and the lemon. Add the honey. Set aside to infuse while you make the rest.
2. Mix the Neem, Oregano Oil and Olive oil together. Mix well with the chopped garlic
3. Ingest:

Dose 1: Swallow the Vitamin C & Propolis capsules with your juice, or water.
Dose 2: Swallow the entire garlic-oil mixture in 2-3 spoonfuls. Follow with your chaser juice.
Dose 3: Sip the tea until finished

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